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"The only reason I get upset is because I have the audacity to think I should know what should happen next."
— Anthony Dallmann-Jones, PhD (a.k.a. "Doctor Zest")

"You want Dr. Zest to kick off your next conference!"
—Darren Blackston, Director,
Appoquinimink Adult Education Program,
Middletown, Delaware

"We are so powerful that we can convince ourselves we are not — then make it come true.
— from Primary Domino Thinking — Creating the Life You Want
by Anthony Dallmann-Jones

"There is no doubt whatsoever that human beings are meant for greatness. Removing things in the way is the real work of this life.
— Anthony Dallmann-Jones, PhD (a.k.a. "Doctor Zest")

From the Heart of Dr. Zest:

My speaking topics are built around a solid and powerful conviction that the human spirit inherently craves Vitality and Enthusiasm in everything it does. I believe that somewhere deep within us we all know this, but only on rare occasions do we realize it consciously. Most of us need a "friend with a flashlight" to help bring our Zest for Life to the surface. We discover that not only is it available in abundance, it is also a requirement for feeling and functioning as a person with a healthy, rich and productive life. The same goes for any organization!

The name Dr. Zest was formulated and trademarked by Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones to both make a statement, and serve as title for his K107 radio show in Wisconsin's Fox Valley. Dr. Zest speaks to inspire, inform, change lives and transform organizations for the betterment of our society — meaning everyone.

I have no doubt that I, like you, have changed the world in some way — large or small. Imagine if we decided to do it deliberately. Imagine every morning getting up consciously saying "How am I going to change the world today?" I can prove to you that you already do this! And, also, I can show you how to do it much, much better — how you can decide to get more juice out of life every day you have remaining on this planet. Life is not short. I have been alive for as long as I can remember. I dispute that statement on so many lips: "Life is short." People say "Life is short" when what they mean is "Life is precious." And it is! Life is so very precious, so very rare in this huge cold universe, so why do we waste it??? A wasted life is an unlived one.

The killer of the spirit is passively accepting the things that happen to you as inevitable and not understanding that only you have control over your life. The tools and skills to live a precious life consciously are at hand. Most of them are just covered up or lost in the dark. They are still here. Sometimes you just need a friend with a flashlight.

  • Soothe and rejuvenate your work weary soul!
  • Rid your system of the parasites of apathy!
  • Transmogrify melancholia and lethargy into energetic fervor!
  • Cure plagues of doubt, indifference, despair and pessimism!

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Doctor Zest's Traveling Medicine Show